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Must-See Thought-Leadership Sessions at Groundbreak 2020

Groundbreak has always been known for its outstanding breakout sessions and inspiring speakers, and this year will be no exception. The session lineup includes 26 thought leadership sessions and 12 product sessions. Check out all of the breakout sessions and register for a Premium Pass today for just $99 to access all that Groundbreak 2020 has to offer.

To make registration easier, we’ve created a list of 6 of our must-see thought leadership sessions you won’t want to miss! You’ll be able to access all of the sessions live and on-demand to ensure you can enjoy all of the content that we’ve curated.

Transforming Construction Through Customer Experience and Platform Technology

Presented by Rob Frank, BW: Workplace Experts

Great construction projects don’t start with a building––they start with a customer. And today’s customer is more demanding than ever. Whether you’re building a twenty-storey tower block or completing a residential fit out, delivering a first-class customer experience is as important as the finished product. With platform technology, you can deliver unprecedented visibility and transparency into your projects––setting the stage for a first-class customer experience and customer retention. This session with BW: Workplace Experts Customer Experience Director, Rob Frank, will cover how construction technology can help you deliver a world-class customer experience and a quality finish.

How to be a Better Ally

Presented by Bryce Tache, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Ryan Companies

Being an ally for equality and inclusion is hard work. It's a lifelong process. It's exhausting and uncomfortable and yes, you'll mess up a lot. While it may not be easy, it's always worth it. In fact, it might be the most important work you ever do. Join a candid, caring discussion to learn actions you can take TODAY to be a better ally at work.

Safety EQ: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Presented by Camille Oakes, President and CEO, Better Safety

For safety to work at work, all leaders need to be able to communicate and inspire action to create real sustainable change. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is one the strongest tools a leader has to increase performance, including safety performance. In this session, attendees will learn and assess themselves against the five components of EQ. Using real-world examples, we will discuss how to get better at safety by understanding emotions, regulating yourself, and finding out others' motivations. Write better emails, run better meetings, and make more people work safely all using Safety EQ.

Deepening and Broadening Inclusion in Design and Construction

HACIA is an organization that has stayed true to their mission of ensuring the equitable participation of their membership in the design and construction industry. While the success of its members and the organization has been with public sector capital projects such as roads, bridges, schools, libraries, etc., the private sector has been an untapped market. Those targeted marketplaces include the utilities, freight railroads, private universities, hospitals, and corporations receiving state or local economic development incentives. During this presentation, we'll walk you through how we meet member/client needs, and how to develop a strategy to address and enter new marketplaces.

The Future of Off-Site Construction Has Arrived

Presented by Nancy Novak, Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Datacenters

Pre-fabrication and off-site construction have been discussed for years as trends that are poised to have an enormous impact on the construction industry. That couldn’t be more wrong. Their impact isn’t at some undefined point in the future. They have arrived, and the timing could not be better because this industrialized approach to construction enables our industry to solve a long list of thorny challenges that we currently face.

In this session, Nancy Novak will discuss the futuristic technologies, innovative methodologies, and rapid adoption patterns that are enabling prefabrication and offsite construction to take off faster than previously projected for the industry. She will also discuss how the proliferation of these next-gen construction methods is allowing the construction industry to address challenges related to COVID-19, workforce recruitment, diversity, cost controls, environmental sustainability, worker safety, and quality assurance.

The Incredible Journey of Spot, The Robot

Moderated by Sanjeev Dhillon, Field Marketing Manager at Procore, and presented by Isaac Charbonneau Beaulieu, Innovation Manager at Pomerleau, Brain Ringley, Construction Technology Manager at Boston Dynamics, and Christian Claus, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Partnerships at HoloBuilder, Inc.

Join us as we discuss and learn about the use of robotics on jobsites through the amazing collaboration of Pomerleau, Boston Dynamics, and HoloBuilder. As we look to technology to boost productivity, enhance safety, and bridge the gap created by skilled labor shortages projected for the foreseeable future, we can look to robotics as one way to enhance human potential by automating dull and repetitive tasks so people can focus on high-value and crucial tasks. Joining us to discuss this exciting topic will be three brilliant industry minds who are at the heart of robotics in construction.

People > Profit: Building a Company + Cultivating a Brand

Presented by Josh Levin, Founder, Empowered Electric

People > Profit isn’t just a mantra guiding our mission and vision at Empowered Electric. It’s a mindset. And as soon as more leaders in the construction industry start caring more about their people and the story they’re telling to the public, we’ll see a new generation flock to construction jobs in an effort to rebuild our country.

Be sure to explore all of the breakout sessions and register for a Premium Pass today for just $99 and join us October 27-28 for a Groundbreak like no other!