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Product Sessions at Groundbreak You Won't Want to Miss

We’ve created a list of 4 of our must-see Groundbreak product sessions. And don’t worry, you’ll be able to access all sessions live and on-demand to ensure you can enjoy all of the content that we’ve curated. Check out all of the breakout sessions and register for a Premium Pass today for just $99 to access all that Groundbreak 2020 has to offer.

Harnessing the Power of Construction Data with Machine Learning and Procore Analytics

Presented by Patrick Hennessy, Director of Scheduling & Analytics at Harkins Builders, Aaron Lober, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Analytics & Ecosystem at Procore, Shibai Bagchi, Senior Product Manager, Ripple Goyal, Principal Software Engineer at Procore, and Cate Knuff, Senior Product Manager at Procore.

Effective use of project data may be the best approach to improving productivity in construction. These sessions explore the many ways that data is being utilized across the Procore platform to make construction processes more effective and efficient. We'll explore tools like Procore Search and Analytics as well as the other aspects of Procore being transformed by data, AI and ML.

How to Leverage a Connected Platform to Maximize Productivity and Profitability

Presented by Brad Sandidge, CFO at Marathon Electrical Company and Michelle Turner, Product Marketing Manager, Specialty Contractors at Procore.

Productivity can make or break your budget, and managing labor costs can be a pain. Real-time insight into productivity means you can identify at-risk scopes of work and act fast to make decisions that protect your budget. And speaking of acting fast, there are plenty of jobsite stories where paper-based T&M contracts are agreed upon in the moment in order to keep work moving. If lost or unsigned, there is no paper trail for contractors to support invoiced amounts. This session focuses on the impact that a real-time, connected platform solution has on risk and profitability. Learn how to use technology to:

  • Understand the financial impact of productivity the moment a timesheet is submitted.
  • Secure payment for out-of-scope work with a digital T&M tracker.

The future of construction: Platform, BIM and Connected Teams

Presented by Rob Sloyer, Director of Technical Services at KAST, Will Lehrman, VP of Product Management at Procore, Dave McCool, Senior Product Manager, Lead at Procore, and Courtney Mohl, Manager, Product Marketing - General Contractor at Procore.

As the industry blends traditional phases of construction, moving toward design-build and integrated project delivery, it’s more important than ever to connect everyone on a single platform and deliver compelling solutions that enable teams to collaborate and do their best work. This session will cover:

  • What is an integrated platform and how can it enable opportunities for the construction industry.
  • How Procore's platform and BIM solutions are evolving to help customers improve how they work.
  • The power of connecting teams to improve productivity and project success."

Increase Your Profit Potential with Financials Purpose Built for Construction

Presented by Morgan Traynor, Senior Director of Operational Excellence at Ryan Companies, and Katie Rapp, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Team Lead at Procore

Most projects are 30% over budget and completed 40% later than planned. In this session we'll improve the management of your bottom line by diving into the cycles of manual financial processes that erode project margins, efficiency, and team morale. We'll explore the power of a connected platform as a tool to break these cycles, and understand the importance of investing in financial solutions designed to bridge the gap between office and field teams with accurate, real-time data. Then, we'll hear why Procore customers have made this shift towards purpose-built financial tools and how they are harnessing the power of our latest enhancements to boost margins and reduce risk.

Be sure to explore all of the breakout sessions and register for a Premium Pass today for just $99 and join us October 27-28 for a Groundbreak like no other!