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Oh Canada, Here We Grow Again

It wasn’t long ago that we announced the expansion and a brand new office for our other Canadian location in Toronto. Now it’s Vancouver’s turn to settle into a new WeWork space in the city’s oldest neighbourhood, Gastown. Dan Miller-Smith, VP of International Markets was also in town and joined in on the celebration of moving into a new space. The view from the office overlooks the Pacific ocean and is directly across from the city’s main transit hub, Waterfront Station.


Vancouver was Procore’s first Canadian office, which opened in 2017 with a total of 2 full-time staff in the office (others worked remotely). We’ve since expanded the team to 12 people and will be continuing to expand our headcount throughout the year. The Vancouver office is currently comprised of Customer Success, Implementation, Sales and Marketing teams.

Maddy Jackson, Account Executive, and the very first employee stationed at the Vancouver office recounts the very early days there.

“I remember coming into work that very first day and there were just boxes with monitors, phones and desk parts. I had no idea how to assemble anything, but by the end of the day, I was a set-up machine,” Maddy says. “We really threw ourselves into our roles—we kicked off the journey with a boat cruise with clients almost right away. We also did a few cool onsite visits, trying to get out and learn the Canadian industry.”


Along with the right team, our clients are at the core of what makes it possible for us to grow. When we first started out, it was an opportune time for us to bring in new deals that ultimately brought growth. Axiom Builders and Urban One Builders are two clients that played a large part in our expansion. Both leaders in the local Canadian construction industry, establishing partnership with them really helped us solidify our roots here in Canada. Urban One specifically has a culture very similar to that of Procore’s, and they believe that their success is founded on a team of exceptional people and the principles of innovation and collaboration.

These two major clients also attended Groundbreak back in 2017, Procore’s annual construction technology conference. This helped strengthen our relationships with them as Groundbreak showcases Procore’s culture.

Other clients that have partnered with Procore from the start include Smith Brothers & Wilson, Scott Construction, Icon West, and Stuart Olson.

“Our expansion in Canada is a direct result of the ever-growing demand for a construction technology partner that takes a customer-centric approach towards building and supporting software for its customers,” Jas Saraw, VP of Canada, says. “One of the really compelling elements to serving Canada is the diversity of project profiles across the country. Canada is home to some incredibly innovative builders and Procore is honoured to see and support such amazing growth from coast to coast.”

This year, we are doubling down on local, in-country customer success, expanding our customer advisory programs, widening our impact in the community via our Procore University Program, our Women in Construction movement, and increasing total team headcount by 30% - 50% in both our Canadian offices.

If you're interested in joining our expansion into the international market, explore our open career opportunities here.