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Partnering with Build California to help bridge the labor gap

Build California is a comprehensive workforce development initiative created to inspire, engage, and activate the next generation of California’s construction workforce. Led by the Associated General Contractors of California through the AGC Construction Education Foundation, the primary goal of the program is to change perceptions about the 21st century construction industry in order to increase the number of construction professionals and access to information and opportunities for economic advancement.

Procore.org is committed to empowering the construction industry and the communities it serves. One way that Procore.org is following through on that promise is by partnering with Build California, a statewide effort to create a steady pipeline of motivated and skilled workforce for California’s construction industry.

“It’s an issue that’s impacting our members and requires us to think differently about how to attract the next generation,” said Erin Volk, Vice President, Workforce & Community Development, and Executive Director of the AGC Construction Education Foundation.

This sentiment parallels closely with Procore.org’s workforce development efforts as we strive to equip and inspire the next generation of construction professionals, even as the industry rethinks the future work of construction itself.

By partnering with and listening to the expert knowledge of the construction community, Procore continues to build towards that shared vision. We believe our commitment to advocate for and give back to the industry is instrumental in shaping our collective success.

Together, we are building California’s future. Learn more about how we are working to invest in our current workforce so that future generations aspire to be construction professionals at https://buildcalifornia.com/.