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Partnering with Historically Black Colleges & Universities to Equip the Next Generation

Since its founding, Procore has remained committed to its vision of improving the lives of everyone in construction. At its core, our vision is rooted in inclusion, with a focus on enabling every person in the industry to do their best work.

As part of our ongoing inclusion and diversity efforts, we recently formed a new partnership with Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), the only historically Black university in the eleven member State University System of Florida. This partnership represents one of our latest initiatives aimed at providing resources and support to the industry as a whole. It also underpins the importance of promoting the education and advancement of the Black community by providing students from underrepresented backgrounds with the resources needed to thrive.

Through our social impact department, Procore.org, FAMU will receive free access to Procore’s platform and training resources to equip instructors with the tools needed to educate the future construction workforce.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership and we are certain that we are planting a seed that will produce great fruits not only at FAMU but also in the construction industry," said Dr. Doreen Kobelo, the Program Area Coordinator for Construction and Civil Engineering Technology at FAMU.

Photo courtesy of FAMU

FAMU is now one of three historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and more than 200 total educational partners that leverage Procore to inspire and prepare the next generation of construction professionals. The HBCUs Tuskegee University and Morgan State University also receive free access to our platform as part of Procore.org’s mission to help advance the construction industry through advocacy, access to education, and technology.

"Access to Procore's educational curricula, which includes real project data, lab exercises, and lectures, helps teachers equip students with the technological training that will prepare them to be successful in their future careers,” said Sasha Reed, Director of Industry Advancement at Procore.

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