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Protecting margins: Five ways subcontractors can plug profit leaks

With construction designated an essential business and continuing to operate through the pandemic, we need to look inward and ask ourselves what we can control in order to emerge from this pandemic not only surviving, but thriving. For specialty contractors, the focus needs to be around areas that ultimately maintain or grow their profit margins. In a world where supply chain bottlenecks are driving up costs of materials and productivity is severely impacted by new safety protocols and unpredictable schedules, specialty contractors need to find novel ways to patch any and all profit leaks.

So, what can you get under control with Procore’s connected solution for field and office teams?

  • Tighter communication and collaboration across field-to-office teams
  • Improved labor productivity with industry-leading mobile field tools
  • Streamlined change management by initiating and tracking changes directly from the field
  • Gained financial visibility with real-time insights into the project budget
  • And actively reduced rework with up-to-date information and auditing abilities

It’s Procore’s unique solution that streamlines these difficult to control areas, ultimately helping Procore customers to actively guard margins and yield profit.

In the past year, digital transformation within the construction industry was accelerated by the need to enable remote work, do more with less, and create guardrails for a new generation of workers. Specialty contractors like DCO Commercial Floors have realized that technology is no longer a nice-to-have but a need-to-have in this new era of construction.

“I was recently talking about COVID and how everyone is conserving resources. I was saying that Procore would be the last thing to go—it’s not something we could live without or do business without. It's been fantastic for us. It feels like a partnership instead of just being a vendor to us,” says Jessica Harrison, Employee Development Manager of DCO Commercial Floors.

With so much out of your control, get what you can under control with Procore. Sign up for a live demo and see how Procore’s solution for specialty contractors can help your teams thrive this year and well into the future.