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The Future of Construction: Innovation Applied

Technology and innovation are reshaping the way industries operate today – and construction is no exception. So, what are the core issues that have arisen which the construction industry needs to address?

During a recent round table, hosted by Procore in Sydney, Australia, participants from government, the construction industry and education sectors: Meriton, Lendlease, The University of New South Wales and TAFE NSW gathered to discuss the disconnection and lack of collaboration between two groups of people who work in construction – the newly hired graduates and the experienced supervisors.

The panel also examined the real struggle to attract technical talent to the industry, especially when competing with the likes of Google and other tech powerhouses, as well as dealing with complications involved with digital transformation in the sector.

Site safety practices, on the other hand, came up as an unexpected area where new technology was making a difference. Participants also discussed how the adoption of BIM is adding a wow factor to client presentations and the overall impact it's having on building sites.

While IT consumerisation is aiding the adoption of new tools in the construction industry, participants spoke of barriers that are also rising, such as the risk-averse nature of builders.

Download a copy of The Future of Construction: Innovation Applied Issues Paper for a detailed discussion of the key issues surrounding digital technology in the construction industry in Australia.