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8 partner integrations to support remote work during COVID-19

Updated: April 1, 2020

The construction industry is experiencing a new set of challenges as a result of COVID-19. It’s in times like these that we see the power that technology can have to keep your teams and projects connected and moving forward.

On Tuesday, April 7, we will be hosting a virtual panel featuring product experts from SmartBarrel, DocumentCrunch, and Billd. To join the conversation please sign up for the webinar, The Challenges Ahead and the Tools That Can Help, on our registration page.

As a prelude to the discussion, we’ve compiled a shortlist of Procore partners that support the new challenges the construction industry is faced with:

  • Billd - Help alleviate cash flow headaches and get commercial materials upfront and pay later.  Billd is a payment solution that gives contractors access to funds with terms that mirror their repayment cycle.  Leverage 120-day payment terms for commercial material purchases with any supplier
  • FieldChat -  One of the biggest challenges facing contractors is the ability to communicate with their labor force on a regular basis to provide updates. FieldChat turns texting chaos on job sites into centralized, organized, and searchable conversations.
  • LaborChart - Laborchart is cloud-based and keeps construction managers aware of who’s willing and able to be on specific projects. Additionally, their text-base notification features allow workers to get notified on the status of the projects they are working on, or if they are getting moved to another project.
  • myComply – myComply enables general contractors to have full control and transparency around who is on the job site in real-time, what training those individuals have (including SST training in NYC), and what hours they worked. They also provide the ability to flag workers showing symptoms of COVID-19 and block them from entering all job sites to control the spread of the virus.
  • SmartBarrel - Understanding who is on-site and who may have been in contact with someone that tests positive for Covid is a challenge. SmartBarrel’s touchless, easy-to-install clock in/clock out kiosks automate this process and logs the data directly into Procore for project staff and specialty contractors.
  • SmartPM - Schedules will be affected by this pandemic as labor, materials, and equipment become volatile and documenting those effects is critical. Learn how to best prepare for schedule delays, document historical schedules for a project and run critical analytics on them.
  • StructionSite - Utilizing 360 photo capture greatly increases the progress tracking capabilities on a project and helps contractors avoid risk.  Capturing the current condition of a project prior to a shutdown, could be critical during a claim.
  • Zoom - With a video-first unified communications platform project teams can visually share documents, discuss health-related updates and best practices, check-in regularly with large or small groups, and even allow project managers and project engineers to view what field teams are seeing in real-time through video conferencing. Check out the new integration with Procore.

Our customers are still out there building the world, and  Procore is in this together with them. Please join us as we discuss The Challenges Ahead and the Tools That Can Help.