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Driving Your Business Forward with Cloud-to-Cloud Technology

Modern, cloud-based technology is imperative in today’s digital and COVID-19 economy where digital transformation is often happening in mere days—not weeks, months, or years. Even before the pandemic, Procore has been leading the charge for the adoption of cloud-to-cloud technology, helping construction firms better manage their projects and resources.

The importance of Procore's mission – to connect everyone in construction on a global platform – has become even clearer in these uncertain times. Collaboration and providing everyone, from the owner, general contractor to the specialty contractor, with unlimited access to critical analytics and data is necessary for (companies) (projects) (etc.) to thrive. Procore has continued to partner with organizations that share its goal and values, as seen with Procore’s integration with Acumatica Construction Edition – a cloud construction and accounting software provider.

“We wanted to take our company to the next level and knew that Procore and Acumatica Construction Edition would be instrumental in helping us achieve our goals,” said Bob Scott, Controller of the Carma Group, a general contractor. “We can seamlessly share accounting and project data between the office and field to make the strategic decisions to move projects and the business forward. And with cloud-based software, during the pandemic we were able to transition immediately to working remotely.”

Acumatica’s construction and accounting software gives contractors access to real-time information including financials, job costing, budgets, payroll and more from one central system. Coupled with Procore’s easy-to-use, open platform, the two solutions enable users to seamlessly share accounting and project data between their office and jobsite workforce as well as standardize their processes and procedures. The days of siloed operations are over. Additionally, users can access their centralized information via any mobile device, from wherever they are, whenever they need.

Connecting your team with Procore and Acumatica

On Thursday, July 23rd at 9am PDT, Procore will be joining Acumatica for a virtual discussion on the importance of connected construction through the power of technology. The webinar, Driving Greater Productivity and Profits with Connected Cloud, will include Bob Scott from Carma Group, who experiences the benefits of Procore and Acumatica Construction integration.

During the webinar, the panel will address modern cloud technology, including:

  • How Procore and Acumatica are transforming customers’ businesses with connected cloud technology.
  • Why having real-time information—from project metrics to financials and job cost accounting—empowers employees to focus on driving higher profits.
  • How the Carma Group benefits from this integrated cloud technology with streamlined workflows, connected teams, and more profitable projects.

Because Acumatica shares Procore’s belief in putting customers first, this integration proves valuable in helping customers track projects from inception to delivery and execution. Procore’s integration with Acumatica is a great addition for anyone looking to move their accounting software to the cloud.

To learn more, register here for the upcoming webinar.