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A Safe and Profitable Jobsite

In this five-part blog series, we will highlight the most powerful cross-application workflows that are dependent upon having a single, open, and extendible platform.

In the following post, we will cover the following workflow:
Inspection - Observation - Drawing - Change Event - Change Order - Budget

When safety best practices are logged in tandem with your financial management solution you will start to see a profitable jobsite.

Procore's Inspections tool gives users the ability to track leading indicators around quality & safety, commissioning, environmental regulations, and any other processes that utilize checklists.

While it would be nice if every checklist item passed it's initial review, there are always items that require follow up, whether it's a corrective action or an additional task. This is where Procore’s Observations tool becomes useful. Observations are used to document, assign and track action items through to resolution. At times, these action items impact cost and schedule, which is where the effectiveness of the Procore platform is valuable.

Change Events, the first step in Procore's Change Order process can be initiated directly from an Observation. Change Events, and subsequently Change Orders, allow for ROM's to be created, Request for Quotes (RFQ's) to be sent, reviewed and then approved. All of these documents can be sent via the Docusign integration which also tracks the workflow progress in Procore. With Procore's financial tools being connected, change orders will hit your budget against the appropriate line items and can be billed against via the Invoicing tool.

Using Inspections and Observations to track your leading indicators will hopefully help in avoiding financial implications. Identifying issues that could lead to schedule and cost impacts before they become bigger problems is where our customers are seeing ROI.

“Due to the proactive approach we take using Procore’s Inspections and Observations we’ve been able to reduce punch list items by up to 97%.” – Erik Feld, Director of Technical Operations, TruEdge Builds, Inc.

With regular inspections throughout the course of construction becoming as easy as pulling your phone out of your pocket, you too could see your punch list reduced.

OpenSpace: AI-powered, 360-degree construction site viewer. Virtually document your entire jobsite. Once the photos are in Procore, you can use them to build observations, clarify RFIs or add it to your punch list.

Smartvid.io: The Procore & Smartvid.io integration uses image & speech recognition to index jobsite photos and videos based on their depicted content. Advanced reporting, search, analytics, and sharing features help teams unlock insights to dramatically improve safety, quality and productivity company-wide.

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