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Back to Basics: Construction Management Essentials for your Team

Procore’s Continuing Education is excited to offer our newest course, Construction Management Essentials: The Basics. This course is a 5 part series that offers deep dives into Daily Logs, RFIs, Commitments, Budget, and Submittals. This course was developed with some of Procore.org’s partner professors and focuses on cultivating a strong knowledge of each term and offering best practices. This series is best suited for those who are new to the industry or are in a company administrative role. Completing this course will earn you 2 continuing education units!

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Here’s a description of each of the 5 sections in this course:

Daily Logs

In the event of a financial or legal dispute, daily logs are the first line of defense. Daily logs are objective records of day-to-day activities on the job site, highlighting weather events, tracking and time-stamping supplies and subcontractors as they come and go, and recording the use of equipment. In this course, you will be introduced to the function of the daily log on the job site, identify who is responsible for daily log entries, and familiarize yourself with best practices for creating daily logs.


Building professionals rely on employees to write RFIs professionally and in a manner that will elicit the best response possible in a timely manner. However, little training is provided in the industry on RFIs. This course was designed to help others understand what an RFI is, how and why it is used, what is not effective when it comes to RFIs, and what best practices may produce the highest quality results for RFIs.


Specialty contractors provide the majority of labor and material on a job site. Subcontractors, vendors, and material suppliers all have contractual agreements, or commitments, with the general contractor. Understanding commitments is key to understanding modern construction practice. In this course, we will define commitments, how they are used, and outline best practices for creating commitments.


An accurate budget is the key to any successful construction project. In this course you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of a project budget. Learn how budgets are created and maintained, who is responsible for overseeing the budget, how to differentiate between types of project costs, and how to build a budget that will accommodate the change orders and overruns that are par for the course in any construction project.


A submittal takes a drawing from a design to a buildable design. Effectively managing the submittal process is one of the many responsibilities of new construction managers. In this course, we will define submittals in the context of construction, identify the purpose of a submittal, and familiarize you with the steps in the submittal process.

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