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The People of Procore: Guzel Lumpkin, Vice President of Finance

Procore is full of talented people with diverse skill sets and interesting stories to tell. In this series, we will spend time getting to know some of the people who make up the unique Procore culture.

As Procore’s Vice President of Finance, Guzel Lumpkin has led the finance and accounting team since September 2016. Based out of our headquarters in Carpinteria, CA Guzel is responsible for the company’s fiscal operations and financial results.

Growing up, what was your dream job?

I grew up in a tiny, rural village in Russia. I had only ever seen a woman in a business suit or a high rise building on TV. Because of that, when asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was that I wanted to be a business woman who wore suits, and worked in tall buildings. When I got my first job at Deloitte (located in a skyscraper in Downtown L.A.), I was walking into the building and had a sudden feeling of overwhelming excitement. Wearing the business suit I dreamed of, I took a picture of myself and sent it to my mom, "Mom, do you remember my dream?"

What brought you to Procore?

Procore was a customer of my previous company and I had always heard exceptional things about them. I was thinking of moving back to Southern California so when I found out Procore was looking for a Corporate Controller (my first job at Procore), I wanted to interview. After meeting with our CEO, Tooey, President & COO, Steve and the CFO, Rusty, I knew it was where I wanted to be. I saw a unique leadership style considering the fact that the company was experiencing such rapid growth. Not only were our conversations effortless and genuine, but we saw eye-to-eye on what we envisioned a first-class finance and accounting team to look like.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I like to lead by example, working closely with each individual on my team and empowering everyone with whatever they need to succeed. I think the most important things a leader can do is provide the team with the tools, skills, and support they need for their job, and then letting them run with it. I also make sure I am always available for questions or just to talk and connect.

How does Procore compare to other places you’ve worked?

I’ve worked at a variety of different companies, from big accounting firms like Deloitte to fast-growing startups like Mindbody, giving me a wide perspective on the different work environments that are out there. When the Procore opportunity knocked at my door, it was immediately different--oceanside headquarters didn’t hurt. From my first interactions with Procore, I fell in love with the culture and the million-miles-an-hour at which the company was growing. I can’t believe the way Procore has grown, yet been able to maintain and practice company values.

If you could give a presentation on any topic, what would it be?

I feel strongly about promoting women in business, technology, and leadership. I love sharing my experience and knowledge of being a woman in business, as well as encouraging others to keep making strides in areas and industries that are primarily male-dominated. While there has been a lot of progress over the years, there is definitely room for growth in the empowerment of women around the world.

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