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Introducing HQ, the Procore Blog

Welcome to the official Procore blog. We’ll be posting here on a regular basis to provide a closer look into the Procore product, our people, and our culture.

With close to 2 million users, 700+ employees, and 7 offices across the US (and plans to expand internationally this year) there’s a lot happening around Procore that we feel is worth sharing with you all.

We'll use HQ to share Procore news, provide direct access to the people behind our product and initiatives, spotlight the culture and values that drive the company and our offices, and serve as a conduit for clients, users, partners, and members of the media.

We’re looking forward to kicking things off, and have backlogged HQ with a few posts from the past year, so take a look at some of the headlines from 2016 and check back here for more.

And here’s a picture of a dog wearing a hardhat, because we really like dogs here at Procore.