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Introducing the QuickBooks and Dexter + Chaney Connectors for Procore

In February we launched the construction industry’s first ever App Marketplace to extend the value of the Procore platform by easily integrating the applications, solutions, and processes our clients need to successfully manage their projects. We’re only four months into the lifespan of the App Marketplace, but have made great progress on adding integrations that will help modernize the industry.

We work closely with our clients to determine how we can improve their experience with construction technology and make their lives better. We’ve consistently heard a desire to integrate project management with accounting.

Today, we’re introducing the limited release of both our QuickBooks and Dexter + Chaney Connectors. These will provide construction professionals with the freedom to choose when it comes to selecting an accounting solution that fits with the best-in-class construction project management platform.

With the limited release of both the QuickBooks and Dexter + Chaney Connectors, we’re empowering your project teams with the confidence they need to make decisions from the jobsite while removing the need for your accounting teams to enter the same set of financial data twice.

QuickBooks Connector – align the office and the field

We're excited to extend the opportunity to integrate project management and accounting with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. The QuickBooks Connector provides real time access to your financial information, reduces double entry, improves communication between the field and accounting teams, and gives project teams real time accurate financial data to forecast from the field.

“We save anywhere from 8-10 hours each week with the QuickBooks Connector, and our project administrators no longer spend all day in the accounting software. They’re able to focus on work outside of financials,” said Carissa Stephens, Project Administrator, Chancel Builders, Inc.

Here’s a breakdown of how the QuickBooks Connector works with Procore:

“The time savings is significant because we were constantly having breaks that required manual research and re-work with our old system. The Procore team really understands their clients and has implemented the QuickBooks integration with the flexibility to meet how the client has set up their QuickBooks platform,” said J.Mac Brown, VP of Operations, Advent.

Get access to the QuickBooks Connector by adding your name to the invite list.

Procore & Dexter + Chaney – 100% cloud-based project management and accounting

Spectrum from Dexter + Chaney provides in-depth accounting and operations functionality. The Dexter + Chaney Connector allows for real time access to financial information from Spectrum while allowing you to maintain accurate, secure, financial data in Procore.

“Our integration with Procore allows us to deliver an integrated system that combines the industry’s best in class cloud-based Project Management platform with the best in class cloud-based construction ERP system,” said Wayne Newitts, Dexter + Chaney Marketing Director. “And because both companies collaborated on a bi-directional integration of data, users will enjoy a seamless experience when working in both systems.”

At the end of the day, project managers need to make financial decisions on their projects without having to log into accounting systems or lean on their accounting teams. Here’s a breakdown of how the Dexter + Chaney Connector makes that possible:

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Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible. With that in mind, we are rolling out access to the QuickBooks Connector and the Dexter + Chaney Connecter on a first come, first serve basis in order to keep up with demand and allocate the appropriate customer support resources to ensure a truly flawless implementation. As new clients are successfully onboarded, we will continue to implement those on the list in order of request received as efficiently as possible.

Today, there are north of 40 applications on the App Marketplace. With the limited releases of the QuickBooks Connector and Dexter + Chaney Connecter, we have more than doubled the amount of available applications on the App Marketplace since launching in February.

As we build out the App Marketplace, we’ll continue to work closely with our clients to make sure we’re integrating the solutions that will improve the construction industry and the lives of those working in it.