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November Integration Roundup – introducing the Procore platform’s newest tools

Here is another monthly roundup of the partners who have joined our App Marketplace over the last few months. Our goal is to improve efficiency on the job site through integration and streamlined workflows—giving you the option to use the tools that work for you.

Visit the Procore Marketplace to see if these integrations fill a workflow gap or if they are already part of your tech stack.

Embedded Experience Easy Install Apps

In October, Procore launched our Embedded Experience capability. Embedded Experience Apps allow customers, partners and third-party developers to insert apps within Procore, so they can be engaged directly through the user interface. Embedded Apps differ from data connector apps in the way that they eliminate context switching and enable users to access multiple solutions in one place.

OpenSpace (Embedded)

The OpenSpace Embedded Experience allows you to bring the full suite of OpenSpace features, including 360-degree virtual site walks, high-resolution smartphone photos, RFI and Observation generation, and the BIM Viewer directly into your Procore account. Make your Procore experience even more complete by bringing the full visual record of your project into Procore.

Smartvid.io View

The Smartvid.io View app plugs into existing sources of photo and video data to automatically detect safety hazards on your jobsites and display them to Procore users. Procore users can configure Smartvid.io View app to detect and display project photos that contain leading indicators of risk such as missing PPE, presence of standing water, housekeeping, and ladders.

ArcGIS Viewer - Beta

The ArcGIS Viewer from W Three Industries allows ESRI ArcGIS Online users to display their ArcGIS web views in Procore's embedded experience. When launched inside Procore as an embedded App, ArcGIS Viewer plots the locations of all photos stored in the Procore Photos tool for the current project and overlays the ArcGIS Online web view with a set of clickable popups that display each photo.


Thinking Engines' SiteSupt.com helps provide 24/7 progress, productivity, security and general environmental monitoring of manpower, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2 and air quality made easy with cameras, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence. Procore Apps Embedded experience gives access to SiteSupt.com site monitoring solution. Scheduled automatic data (images, videos and sensors readings) submits to Procore's Daily Log.

Procore Integration for Google Sheets™

Procore’s integration with Google Sheets™ allows Procore users with a Google account to view, edit, and interact with a specific Google Sheets™ directly within Procore. Embed Google Sheets™ into your Procore project by simply installing the app, and during setup paste in the URL to your Google Sheets™. The integration will handle the rest.

StructionSite Embedded

The StructionSite Embedded App application for Procore allows users to easily access their instance of the StructionSite web application within Procore without opening another tab on your browser.

User Tool Kit

User Tool Kit is a California - based software development firm focused on enhancing platform value by offering features users want most. Simply click on Login with Procore to access the five tools. With one click users can download CSV files with all vendor insurance for all projects or all equipment for all projects. Other tools include adding meeting attendees who are not in the directory to the meeting record or creating links to videos in project photo albums. Users can also create a task distribution list so multiple users can receive email updates on task status.

SmartPM™ Project Analytics Platform

The SmartPM™ and Procore Integration seamlessly connects Procore users to the SmartPM™ Project Analytics Engine, providing access to SmartPM’s Project Oversight, Process Improvement, and Forensic Delay Analysis capabilities directly from within the Procore system. SmartPM™ analyzes project schedules stored in Procore to determine and correct Schedule Quality, deliver job site progress in real-time, accurately forecast feasible completion dates, and run a complete and automated Delay Analysis.

Pype Closeout Embedded

Pype Closeout proactively manages your trade partners to collect all required documentation in a timely manner. Allowing for multiple roles and workflows, you will never miss a substantial completion date again. Take it to another level, Pype Closeout will also generate a fully branded, searchable, and hyperlinked turnover package that will make FM teams happier than ever.

Pype AutoSpecs Embedded

Leverage the power of AutoSpecs directly within Procore through our new embedded experience. Use Pype AutoSpecs to generate and analyze your submittals then push them into Procore to manage your project.


SlatPlanner is a stand-up planning tool. Get all your trades in a room and plan your next few weeks on a slat wall panel where everyone is actively contributing and making commitments to each other. Create tasks and place them on the wall collaboratively, then scan your plan.

Bridgit Bench Embedded

Bridgit Bench makes construction less complicated with a resource planning solution that simplifies workforce management, streamlines project planning and provides actionable insights. General contractors across North America use Bridgit Bench for their utilization and capacity management, resource allocation, skills tracking, data visualization, employee scheduling, and more. Users will be able to directly access their Bridgit Bench account from within the Procore app to create further efficiencies in day-to-day construction operations.

Buildr Embedded

Buildr embedded enables your teams can access the entire Buildr platform inside of Procore. Buildr bridges the gap between construction and post-construction with closeout, warranty, and facilities management products. Buildr enables high-quality turnover consistently across all jobs, giving general contractors an impactful final touchpoint with owners.

EarthCam Embedded

EarthCam is bringing some of its most popular tools to the Procore embedded experience, and single sign-on makes it easy to unlock advanced capabilities. Users will have access to innovative markup tools, where they can call out specific areas of interest directly on photos and 360° reality capture images, and share the visual content within Procore as an RFI, observation or change event. Once the user creates an actionable item, a unique ID is generated within the Procore framework, creating a visual record complete with environmental weather data. The new EarthCam-infused Procore experience makes it easy for users to add the app to any of their projects, extending the capabilities for sharing jobsite content, all within Procore.

FieldChat (Embedded Experience)

FieldChat is a jobsite communications app that saves time and rework - by ensuring that people have timely information. FieldChat can send texts, instant messages, pictures, documents, and jobsite activities from any device. FieldChat organizes your project communications into channels. You can put your internal team in one channel, and your subcontractors into separate channels. FieldChat works seamlessly with text messaging, so it is easy for subcontractors to pick it up without training.


Genus is a product where you can use your 3D models to create, track and review Workpacks (IWP, CWP, EWP) in a browser. This integration allows customers to embed 3D views in Procore portal so they have access to the 3D model while reviewing documents.

HoloBuilder 360° Photo Site Documentation Embedded

HoloBuilder is the trusted reality capturing platform used by over 2000 construction companies, including 59% of the ENR TOP 100 General Contractors. GCs trust HoloBuilder because it streamlines their documentation workflow and reduces documentation time by 80%. Capture 360° photos in the field using any standard 360° camera, and HoloBuilder organizes images by location and time for you. Share your “virtual construction site” with Owners and Architects to boost collaboration and communication. Simply walk your job with a 360° camera and receive high quality project documentation reports, accessible right within Procore or downloadable via PDF.


Once installed, HyperCast can be applied to various projects within your organization’s ProCore environment. After opening the tool from the Project page, the user is directed to the HyperCast Map where they can view their ProCore projects in context with ClimaCell’s proprietary weather models and configure alerts. These models include historical, real-time, and forecast conditions for the parameters relevant to construction to help improve operations and ensure your crew’s safety.

lienwaivers.io Subcontractor Tool

The lienwaivers.io Subcontractor Tool enables subcontractors who have been invited to bill in Procore to quickly submit lien waivers with their invoices.

ManufactOn - Embedded

The Manufacton Embedded App provides a seamless interface to coordinate offsite production of mechanical & electrical assemblies and systems, wall & floor panels, and full volumetric modules like bathroom pods, and just-in-time delivery to the construction site for installation. Integration of the two products enables everyone in the project ecosystem to know “who is building what and where, when they will be delivered, and how far along they are in the production process.” The result is unprecedented control of the offsite/onsite production process by coordinating “site readiness” with “supply chain readiness” to ensure construction site operates like an efficient manufacturing assembly plant.

Hilti ON!Track

The app will link you to the Hilti ON!Track sign-up page.


It works as an embedded App inside Procore, that opens CEMEX Go portal in an iframe to log in the user and passing some parameters we will offer the user-specific user settings and features to allow them to configure the synchronicity and enablement of features to update their information automatically across both systems. By pairing the user data, the systems are able to interoperate between them.
Data Connectors

BIM Track

The BIM Track / Procore integration allows multidisciplinary teams to communicate with each other in their everyday CAD or BIM software and raise informal issues as they coordinate the project. Unresolved informal issues can be quickly elevated to RFIs in Procore. This link provides efficiency in RFI creation for the entire project team, avoiding duplicate entries across multiple platforms.

INDUS.AI Manpower Detection

Our newest INDUS.AI integration with Procore automatically creates Manpower entries within the Daily Log of the Procore Project Management section as INDUS.AI observes site activity. As opposed to manually filling in Manpower information, this automatic population of data saves construction managers time and provides them visibility into site progress. This integration also helps improve schedule transparency and reduce administrative burden.

Leica iCON Field

Simplify data flow between Procore and Leica Geosystems Solution for Digital Construction. With a direct connection between Leica iCON Field software and Procore, the most up-to-date information can be communicated and documented between all project members. Field crews can connect to cloud storage directly on site, improving productivity both in the field & in the office. Project managers can track progress of mm-accurate as-built information for quick decision making based on true field data.

Buildr Warranty Management

The Buildr warranty management tool is specifically designed for Procore users to optimize the warranty process. Buildr gives all parties full transparency of every claim across all projects. Issues can be tracked, managed, and reported like never before, connecting the communication and workflow between the owner, GC, and subcontractor. Warranty issue statuses, equipment failure patterns, and subcontractor responses are all tracked and visible.

Clarizen One

The Clarizen One integration is dynamic & configurable to adapt to each customer’s unique business scenario, regardless of your Procore implementation. All pre-planning & approval processes will be managed in Clarizen One. Once a project is approved, the project can be pushed to Procore for execution. As the project gets underway, any project data (e.g., schedule, progress, & financials) can be sent back to Clarizen One to automatically access real-time insights at the global cross-portfolio level & push updates to stakeholders.

Core Connector

Core Connector offers direct integration of project invoices generated in Procore to TimberScan. Gain full control over invoice approvals and AP documentation with Core Connector to synchronize invoice and commitment data with Sage 300 CRE. Core Connector imports Procore invoices into TimberScan with completed data entry. Users can route invoices for approval in Procore or TimberScan and then automatically export approved invoices to Sage. Core Connector eliminates double entry, synchronizes commitment information, and enhances the AP approval process with easier access to project documentation and shorter processing cycles.

STACK Construction Technologies

STACK is the industry's leading, cloud-based, preconstruction project hub where your entire team - from the office to the field - can view, search, measure and collaborate on project documents and plans anytime, anywhere & from any device. Connect your STACK and Procore accounts to:

  • Easily store, markup, and measure your project documents
  • Share plans to better coordinate and collaborate with team members
  • Customize and report on your takeoffs to prepare a final estimate

PEX Connector

By using PEX in conjunction with Procore, you can manage your project budget through a real-time view into spending. Streamline your expense process with the automatic sharing of data. The PEX Connector creates PEX Tags so your cardholders can use their smartphone to properly assign the Project, Cost Code and Cost Type at the time of the purchase. They can also take a picture of receipts which are automatically attached to your Direct Costs expense items.

DESTINI Estimator Integration

DESTINI Estimator can download documents from Procore Project Management (i.e. 2D drawings) and complete tasks like takeoff within Estimator. DESTINI Estimator can upload estimate numbers to Procore Construction Financials to allow for tracking of final project numbers.

e-Builder® Connector

Our e-Builder® connector will sync RFIs and Submittals from Procore directly to your clients e-Builder® account and post back data to Procore from e-Builder® when needed. Seamlessly syncs RFI's and Submittals created in Procore to e-Builder®, from e-Builder® to Procore, or a mix of both. Our tool also includes an interface for reporting, manual connection, and settings for your project team.

eBacon Time Card Integration

eBacon's integration enhances Procore's time card system with geo-specific overtime and double-time calculations, prevailing wage rate assignment, trust management and payroll processing. eBacon pulls time and attendance data from Procore and allows you to run payroll with advanced calculations such as prevailing wage, fringe management, and compliance auditing. Our integration also automatically adds employees to procore as you hire/fire to prevent double entry.

WeatherBuild Basic

Embed WeatherBuild weather risk analytics widgets in the Procore Project Home view to enable decision-makers and project teams to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, safety risks, probable outcomes, and “ground truth.” Procore users can review WeatherBuild weather risk analytics widgets of severe alerts and weather events over time, by month, week, day, and details. As the widgets are dynamic and interactive, Procore users can change views of widgets, navigate between widgets, and filter widgets by month, week, day, type, and other criteria, for example. Further, Procore users can also click on the View Full Report link at the bottom of Event Details or Alert Details widget to launch the full WeatherBuild report view in a new browser tab.

Projectmates Connector

Projectmates Connector software makes it easy to connect Procore RFI and Submittals to Projectmates. The Connector imports RFI and Submittals into Projectmates with a single click along with their attachments. It also creates a submittal register if needed. When RFI is closed within Projectmates, it seamlessly updates associated items in Procore. The Connector saves double-entry and avoids errors. The connector is available free of charge for all common Projectmates and Procore users.


KTrack is an Integrated Project Delivery platform that enables project stakeholders to deliver complete and accurate digital turnover packages on time at a fraction of their current cost. Owner and contractors collaborate on one platform to plan for, assemble and deliver facility, asset and location data, and documentation.
lienwaivers.io QuickBooks Online Bridge

Sync data between Procore Construction Financials and QuickBooks Online with the lienwaivers.io QuickBooks Online Bridge. Invoices, payments, direct costs, projects, vendors and cost codes are kept in sync automatically between Procore and QuickBooks Online with our unmanaged sync. The lienwaivers.io QuickBooks Online Bridge works seamlessly with the lienwaivers.io Lien Waivers|Notice Tracking|ACH Payments integration to manage your lien waiver process without leaving Procore.

NEW this week - 11/18/2019

Assignar drawings integration now enables self-performing general contractors to create a seamless communication between the office and the production team on site. Now, project teams can link up drawings that have been issued for construction to Assignar, creating visibility and transparency for the operational and production teams. Assignar integration also eliminates duplication of RFIs, Submittals, and much more by integrating the creation and sharing of the most important project documents between resource operations and project management disciplines.

ICT Tracker

ICT Tracker is a mobile app utilizing AR technology to replace manual and inaccurate methods or expensive 3D scanning systems by digitizing the collection of data on-site. Comparing the actual 3D model on a tablet against as-built systems onsite gives contractors real-time data to track, measure, and improve project productivity. The customer now has immediate access to installation and labor data through Field Productivity that was not easily captured through other more manual means.