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Procore and The B1M Partner to Bring Awareness to Mental Health in Construction

At Procore, our vision is to improve the lives of everyone in construction. What’s become increasingly clear is that in order to further that vision, we must address the mental health crisis in the construction industry, reduce stigma, and provide resources to workers and organizations in need.

Having spent most of my life in the construction industry, I have a deep-rooted passion for its people. I started Procore, motivated by a desire to help solve the fundamental challenges construction faces including how we protect the industry’s most precious resource: people.

With the highest suicide rates among occupational groups in the US and the UK, the construction sector is grappling with mental health issues that require immediate attention. Today I’m excited to announce that Procore is partnering with The B1M, construction’s leading video channel, to raise awareness about mental health in the construction industry through a global campaign, "Get Construction Talking".

The B1M is known for its inspiring storytelling with over 2.8M YouTube subscribers and 24 million viewers each month. By combining the power of The B1M and Procore’s reach of over 2 million users across over 150 countries, we are bringing this issue to the forefront to drive real change.

“The world’s most important industry simply can’t work without its people. Partnering with Procore to tackle this issue means better wellbeing, improved productivity, the best talent choosing the construction industry and lives saved,” said Fred Mills, the founder of The B1M.

This campaign aims to address the complex issue of mental health in the construction industry by promoting open discussions, providing resources, and supporting construction mental health nonprofits. The B1M is producing a new two-part YouTube video series to further raise awareness, get people talking and provide viewers with basic mental health first aid skills.  

We will be working with the following charities to improve mental health in construction and amplify the charities’ ongoing work:

As an industry, we need to come together to protect each other’s wellbeing and take practical steps to contribute to positive change.

To learn more and for additional resources, visit the Get Construction Talking portal.