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Procore Furthers Commitment to the Next Generation of Skilled Builders

As the demand for new infrastructure increases, the contributions of the skilled men and women who build and repair our country cannot be understated.

We need more people just like them, but the skilled trades are currently the hardest positions to fill in the country and it's not because the pay isn't good––because it is. The looming retirement of baby boomers is on the horizon and the generation that should be their replacement doesn’t know the opportunity exists.

We have an image problem.

According to Deloitte, less than 5 in 10 Americans believe construction and manufacturing are interesting, rewarding, clean, safe, stable, and secure. Less than 3 in 10 Americans are likely to encourage their children to join the industry.

Less than 5 in 10 Americans believe construction and manufacturing are interesting, rewarding, clean, safe, stable, and secure.

The Procore.org initiative is doubling down on its commitment to help solve the skilled labor shortage. Because the reality is, there's never been a better time for hard-working Americans to join the trades.

Construction is a tech job.

Labor wages are soaring and technology is everywhere on the jobsite. As digital natives, today’s apprentices are the first generation of builders to grow up during the age of smartphones, self-service online tools, and AI-enabled voice assistants. They’ve never known a world without the convenience and speed of digital collaboration––making them the perfect candidates to learn construction through the lens of mobile software.

Since 2015, Procore.org has provided free access to its software to educational institutions that teach construction management, architecture, engineering, and skilled trades. This includes complete classroom-ready curriculum and teaching materials to educate the future teach journey men and women jobsite best practices.

More than 10,000 people from 58 different classrooms, shop floors, and on-the-job training programs now have the skills necessary to manage jobsites using Procore on any mobile device.

By giving students access to Procore while they are learning the skills of their trade we are able to ensure they can step out of the classroom and onto the jobsite with the skills they need to be successful.

"Giving our apprentices this opportunity to work with Procore and iPads helps them become more efficient and later they can take these skills back to the jobsite and be a huge asset to their contractors. With this being the way everything is going, we are helping these apprentices get ahead of the game. This makes them more employable and ultimately helps the contractor be more profitable." - Victor Sandoval, Instructor, SWCTF Buena Park Training Center

Recognizing and removing barriers.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor and attracting talent to the trades is only half the battle. Procore also provides free, self-paced, Continuing Education (CE) courses to those currently in the trades––including the recently launched Procore Certification for Specialty Contractors.

By going through our self-paced training videos and quizzes these courses are designed to help professionals of all levels to advance in their careers. It’s an easily accessible way to stay up to date with the latest technology and trends moving the industry forward and it helps tradespeople meet their CE requirements for state licenses and association memberships.

"Each year we train thousands of tradespeople. We are seeing stronger demand across our UBC signatory General Contractors and Interior System Contractors who view knowledge of Procore as a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

Knowing Procore is a marketable skill that we are seeing land tradespeople jobs.” -Alfonso Bastidos, Technical Coordinator, Carpenters International Training Fund.

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