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Procore Helping to Build Inclusion in the Construction Industry

Free online continuing education courses designed to equip companies and individuals with the tools to build more inclusive, productive and profitable workplaces

I am excited to announce the launch of Procore’s newest continuing education program, Building Inclusion, a three-part course series that gives companies and individuals the tools to start building more inclusive, productive and profitable workplaces within the construction industry. I joined Procore just over five months ago as our Senior Director of Global Inclusion and Diversity with the aim of expanding and driving our inclusion and diversity efforts across the company. When the Building Inclusion initiative was presented to me, I was thrilled to dive in and start building!

At Procore, our mission is to improve the lives of everyone in construction—and helping companies throughout our industry to build better workplaces, construct better policies and operate safer and more inclusive job sites is an important part of that mission. Additionally, Procore’s own inclusion and diversity mission is to build an inclusive culture that unlocks the power of diverse teams in order to drive our company forward. With Building Inclusion, we seek to bring the industry we serve along on that journey.

The Building Inclusion program includes three courses and participants will receive valuable continuing education units upon finishing each course. The courses include:

  • Foundations of an Inclusive Culture
  • Developing Inclusive Teams
  • Building Inclusive Companies

This program will be launched and led in partnership with companies that are investing and/or are leaders in this space including Shawmut, Skanska, Balfour Beatty, Ryan Companies, and HILTI. Additionally, David Margolius, Vice President of Retail at Shawmut, will speak at Groundbreak 2019 about Shawmut’s own journey in building a more inclusive workplace.

As the construction industry continues to boom, we recognize that one of the top priorities of our clients is to engage and support their own employees so that ultimately, their companies are able to scale and grow. By providing these courses for free to the entire industry, we want to equip construction companies across the globe with the right tools and resources to build an inclusive workplace culture that unlocks the full power of their employees and yields a strong return on their talent investment.

Establishing a workplace culture that prioritizes inclusion and diversity is essential for driving team productivity, safety, innovation and collaboration. Diverse teams have been shown to solve tough problems more effectively, to be more innovative and to decrease risk. Additionally, building out inclusion and diversity initiatives will help companies to attract new talent and address the industry’s skilled-labor shortage.

If you are interested in signing up for the Building Inclusion courses, pre-registration is now open.

By registering for the courses now, you will be entered into our Groundbreak giveaway where you could win 2 free tickets to the construction event of the year in October.

Pre-registration closes on August 30th, so don’t wait to sign-up! Register today.

The Building Inclusion courses will be available on Wednesday, September 4th on our continuing education site.

Procore is excited to offer this new program, and we look forward to your participation. Let’s keep building together.