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Procore Partners with Innovators in the Industry to Promote Safety

In conjunction with Safety Week, Procore will be publishing articles that highlight innovative ways to reduce risk in the construction industry. Looking for an easy way to get started and make your jobsite safer?

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Procore is partnering with three companies in the construction industry during this year’s Safety Week, each with a product that emphasizes safe practices on the jobsite. When you become Procore Safety Qualified (PSQ), you will receive a package that contains your PSQ certification as well as information about each of these safety partners.

How is tech promoting safety on the jobsite?

At Procore we believe that it is not the construction industry that’s been slow to adopt technology, but the technology industry that has been slow to adapt to the needs of construction professionals. It is not until recently that this robust industry has begun to receive the attention it deserves. For decades, there has been a gap in the market between the size of the construction industry and the number of companies catering to its needs. Procore is pursuing solutions for the professionals who build the world, focusing on safety through our Quality & Safety product line with the goal of reducing risk in the field. And there are a few other companies we’ve found that are joining us in this pursuit.

Why are we partnering with companies that put safety first?

We want to keep the conversation going around safety long after Safety Week ends. By partnering with companies who share our goal to reduce risk in the field, we can amplify our efforts to keep safety top of mind. We each have a distinct point of view and provide unique solutions for how we can help improve jobsite safety. By coming together, we’re all better for it.

Who is Procore partnering with?

We believe in what myComply, Smartvid.io, Illumagear and other companies like it are doing around safety on the jobsite. Our partner, myComply, helps reduce risk on construction jobsites by making it easy for general contractors to verify that all trade contractors on site at a construction project are properly trained and safety certifications are current.

The myComply solution provides instant visibility into worker training that is so crucial in our industry. Before someone steps on your jobsite, it's imperative to know that they have the proper training and qualifications to perform the job safely and effectively.

“Jobsite safety requires the right set of safety tools. At myComply, we’ve developed a solution that provides much needed transparency around the training and safety certifications for every worker on a construction project,” said Lee Evans, co-Founder and CEO of myComply. “Plus, with our Procore integration, users not only have much greater oversight of their construction teams, they will also get access to critical information while continuing to use the Procore platform that they have grown accustomed to.”

We’re excited that companies like myComply are bringing technology to solve safety issues. At Procore we are committed to continue developing tools and features within Procore’s connected platform that make safety on the jobsite easier and more accessible.

We encourage you to get Procore Safety Qualified today and to check out what some of these companies are doing in terms of promoting safety.