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Procore’s App Marketplace Makes 75% of Customers More Efficient

Just over 2 years ago, Procore launched the App Marketplace–allowing both customers and collaborators to integrate industry solutions with their Procore accounts. Users have since found the AppMarketplace to be a valuable aspect of the Procore platform that’s allowed them to do more within one central hub. 75% of our customers install at least one integration and more than 40% utilize 2 or more. We constantly receive feedback from our customers about how vital these integrations are to their business. For that reason, we are continuing to add to the Procore Marketplace so you have access to the solutions you need.

Currently, the AppMarketplace hosts over 120 different integrations. This number continues to grow monthly as we have over 2000 registered developers who have created 1400 applications through our developer portal–some built by third-party developers and some by Procore users. For those who don’t have developers on staff, the marketplace includes plenty of ready-to-use integrations.

What exactly are people using?
One of the questions we get asked regularly is about which integrations our customers are using most often. 2 categories stand out from the rest: scheduling and accounting. We integrate with many industry standard scheduling tools including Primavera and Microsoft Project, which make it easy to leverage schedule data in Procore. We also have integrations with tools like ProjectControls.online for advanced analysis of schedules.

Our accounting integrations continue to grow in number and popularity. The AppMarketplace now includes Sage 100, Sage 300, Viewpoint, JD Edwards, Xero, MRI, Acumatica, Dexter and Chaney, and Quickbooks, with more than a half dozen accounting integrations currently in development. By early next year, Procore will have the most financial integrations in the industry, by far. We realize scheduling and accounting integrations are critical to our customers' success so we will continue to focus our efforts in this area.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.
As the construction technology landscape continues to change rapidly, we’ll continue to track popular solutions, some of which aren’t construction-specific.

For example, some of our popular integrations include DocuSign, Box, Dropbox, and Egnyte, which all support streamlined workflows for collaboration. Other solutions focus on construction workflows such as job site reality capture with the use of drones, cameras, and scanners. Partners like StructionSite, Multivista, DroneDeploy, and Hangar have been on our marketplace for some time and continue to improve their integrations by tying into more tools, enabling more efficient workflows and value to the customer.

If you’re a Procore customer, be sure to check out our AppMarketplace and look out for new integrations–there could even be a solution that you’re already using on your jobs. If you need help enabling any of the integrations available, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they will assist you.

See integrations we’re missing? Let us know in the User Voice forum here.