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Resorts World Places Safe Bet with Procore to Build Out Vegas Casino

At the end of 2016, international hospitality brand, Resorts World, brought on Procore to help manage the construction of their $5 billion dollar casino build in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At any given time, there are approximately 700 construction professionals on the jobsite. It is a complicated, multi-tiered project involving many moving parts and people. At the start of the project, the owners knew that communication at such a large scale and tracking day-to-day progress of the project would be essential, which is why the search for project management software began.

“Prior to implementing Procore, the sheer volume of collaboration and documentation was our biggest concern,” says Stan Salter, Director Enterprise Applications at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Procore is designed to increase visibility into construction projects and, most importantly, insight for owners around project timeline and potential for changes in cost. Procore also increases communication between all players on a project, making collaboration between the GC, subcontractors, and owner seamless.

“We are implementing the software full force and seeing its effect on communication and efficiency on the site. It seems easy for our users to adopt,” says Mr. Salter.

There are three principles we use at Procore to guide the development of the software, these include: reducing risk, lowering cost, and getting projects done on time. Developers at Procore are exploring ways to support owners in the construction industry to help them achieve these three goals more effectively.

“Resorts World is not a typical general contractor. Working with owners is a new category for Procore. It encourages creativity and allows our product to flourish in this space as we gain insight and feedback from the end-user,” Anthony Frattali, Procore Enterprise Sales Director.

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