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Stay connected with our COVID-19 Resource Center and Job Board on Procore Community

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that clear and helpful information as well as connectedness is essential. In response to this, we've built the COVID-19 Resource Center to establish a centralized hub for construction, Procore platform, and government resources.

You can access the Resource Center through Procore Community, our user platform connecting the people who build the world.

The Resource Center houses COVID-19 discussion groups, highlights relevant and useful Procore platform updates, and provides one place to connect construction professionals. While only Procore users can join Procore Community, anyone has access to view the COVID-19 Resource Center.

You can attend informational webinars, join discussion groups, and tap into shared resources to learn how construction professionals around the world are responding to the pandemic in their respective communities and businesses.

Additionally, we wanted to ensure any construction job openings are highlighted. On the Resource Center, you can also find a Job Openings page, which aggregates career opportunities from Procore users. Check out the openings and post your own. See where your skills are in demand and find talent to fill your critical positions.

You will also have access to information on how construction professionals are supporting their communities and ways you can help, notifications about virtual industry discussions among construction leaders, certification opportunities, as well as training and continuing education. The Resource Center will be updated regularly with new information and relevant content.

Procore’s vision is to improve the lives of everyone in construction. Through this challenging time, we believe we can leverage Procore Community by bringing people together for information sharing in order to benefit each other. This allows for innovative problem-solving, thought leadership, strategy discussions and ideas for how to navigate the evolving COVID-19 landscape.

Join Procore Community today and access the COVID-19 Resource Center.