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Team Rubicon mobilizing resources and volunteers in response to COVID-19

First responders are critical to our communities during times like these. From healthcare professionals to disaster response organizations and many others on the frontlines, these people play a central role in providing the resources and support we need. Team Rubicon, a nonprofit organization rebuilding in the wake of natural disasters, is an amazing example of caring in action.

Team Rubicon has more than fifty active COVID-19 response operations underway, with many more in the mobilization and monitoring stages. These operations include working with agencies to set up COVID-19 testing clinics, donating masks and personal protective equipment to frontline healthcare workers, assisting food banks with distribution, and utilizing logistics expertise to ensure that quarantined patients are able to return to their homes safely.

As one of Procore.org’s more than 250 donated nonprofit accounts, Team Rubicon leverages the Procore platform to rebuild for communities impacted by humanitarian crises, while streamlining efforts to serve those most at risk.

In Santa Clara, California, Team Rubicon recently built a 250 bed medical facility in coordination with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, easing the burden on local hospitals. In Nevada, the organization supports Las Vegas’ Emergency Operations Center, helping oversee the management of a quarantine facility built to serve the city’s homeless population. And in Charlotte, North Carolina, Team Rubicon partnered with a healthcare organization to build a mobile testing facility–a concept that will be replicated in communities across the U.S.

“When times are at their worst, Americans rise to become their best,” says Jake Wood, Team Rubicon’s CEO and co-founder. Having swung into action to address some of the largest and most dire natural disasters and humanitarian crises around the world in modern times, Team Rubicon and its 110,000 volunteers–known as “Greyshirts”–exemplify this ideal in their work every day. As a key partner of Procore.org, our social impact department, the organization leverages our software in some of the most challenging circumstances to serve communities in need of a place to call home.

In addition, Wood recently called on volunteers to mobilize across the U.S. as part of the organization’s “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” campaign. This campaign was launched just months after the organization reached their goal to rebuild 100 homes in the Houston area in the wake of Hurricane Harvey–a building effort that was managed using Procore and illustrated how Team Rubicon conducts long-term recovery and reconstruction.

Through their COVID-19 campaign, volunteers have assisted some of the most vulnerable communities, performing more than 2,000 voluntary acts of service in hundreds of cities–ranging from checking in on neighbors and offering to purchase groceries, to using Nextdoor and Facebook Communities to find out where assistance is most desperately needed. Strict safety protocols and guidelines have been put in place to ensure that Team Rubicon volunteers are themselves staying healthy–and curtailing the spread of the virus.

“This situation with coronavirus is certainly the most complex situation that our organization has ever encountered,” Wood says, noting that the leadership team has built a cross-functional working group that meets twice daily to discuss the situation and formulate effective responses in frequently changing conditions. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the organization’s robust medical response capabilities–gained from experience working with infectious disease outbreaks in other countries–are being leveraged in the U.S.

To raise awareness of Team Rubicon’s efforts to support our neighbors and communities in response to the COVID-19, Procore is inviting those who are interested to get involved in the Team Rubicon mission.

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