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Introducing the Small Business Group on Procore Community

Last year at Groundbreak 2019, we announced a new online destination for customers and collaborators to network, learn from, and connect with one another. That destination is Procore Community. One year has passed since the launch of Procore Community and there are now over 30,000 members asking questions, joining community groups, recommending integrations, and sharing best practices. We’re excited to announce a new initiative in Procore Community to further connect the people who build the world.

There are thousands of Small Businesses around the globe who are managing their projects with Procore. “Which integrations have impacted you the most?” “How have you trained your field teams with Procore?” “How are you managing your certificates of insurance?” These are the questions we’re all discovering together.

We are proud to introduce the newest place for Small Business owners and employees to connect: The Small Business Group inside Procore Community.

Whether you’re a General Contractor, Specialty Contractor, Owner, Architect, or Engineer, the Small Business Group is your place to connect with businesses facing the same challenges and opportunities as you.

We’re excited to introduce six of our top Small Business clients who will be spearheading and leading this new group. These individuals and companies are not only top contributors in Procore Community, but they’ve also modeled the success that comes when executing innovative ideas:

  • Norman Hays & Team | President of Elevated Construction | Arlington Heights, Ill
  • Chad Green | President of Bauen Studios | Denver, CO
  • Deborah Fields | Operations Manager for Cascade Build | Seattle, WA
  • James Loveday | General Manager for Concord Built Australia | Carina, Queensland, Australia
  • Joelle Macrino | Procore Administrator for Scalfo Electric Inc | Vineland, NJ
  • Richard Bernot | Operations Coordinator for Advanced Cable Solutions | Valencia, CA

Over the first few months of this group, each leader will be sharing how their teams have adopted Procore, which Procore tools/integrations/features have been the most impactful, and some of the innovative ideas they’ve implemented. Come join the group to see the first featured post tomorrow!

We’ll also have the pleasure of having two of our top Procore Customer Success Managers co-lead and monitor the group as well: Priscilla Kim and Andrew Stoker.

Small Businesses build our neighborhoods, communities, cities, and world. We’re thrilled to create a new environment where ideas become innovation, and innovation changes history.

We invite you to join the Small Business Group today.