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The People of Procore: Mindy Youngs, Sr. Manager, Customer Marketing

In this series, we spend time getting to know some of the people who make up the Procore culture.

Mindy Youngs joined Procore in March 2017, bringing with her over 15 years of Marketing experience and a passion for leadership development, volunteering, and intrapreneurship. She leads Procore’s Customer Marketing team.

How does your team impact Procore’s success?
We are the champions of the customer inside Procore, while creating customer champions! We’re focused on the customer renewal journey with the goal to increase retained Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). We do this by strategically aligning with teams across Procore to improve the customer experience, increase retention, drive expansion and delight customers. Procore places a tremendous amount of importance on the customer, so keeping our customers happy is imperative for Procore’s success and growth.

How would you describe your leadership style?
I think the best leaders are those who empower others to lead. I encourage my team to seek out challenges, think outside the box, and figure out how to make an impact on their personal progress and Procore’s success. I try to foster team collaboration, freedom, and the comfort to share and be open to discuss new ideas. Everyone on my team is incredibly talented and passionate about what they do and I look to them as the experts and leaders in their business focus. I am so proud of them and excited to see what they do.

Tell us about your work with the non-profit Helping Hands for GAND.
When my daughter Olivia was diagnosed with an ultra-rare genetic disorder at 18 months called GATAD2B-associated neurodevelopmental disorder (GAND), I was told she was the 13th known case in the world with this condition. Although there are only a few published cases, patients so far are identified as having intellectual disability, low muscle tone and limited speech. Very little has been published about GAND, which made it difficult to understand what was happening, why, and the future of this condition. As I struggled to learn more about GAND, I found light in a small Facebook community of people around the world fighting for the same understanding. It provided a priceless connection to others affected by the same disorder, but I knew I needed to do more. I met two mothers in the group who felt the same way, so together we founded Helping Hands for GAND to raise awareness, drive research, and work towards treatment options. We now have a phenomenal research doctor from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center working with us on a case series study, among other stem-cell research projects, to help our global community learn more about GAND! As of April 2018, there are currently 85 known cases worldwide, and I hope with more awareness and support, we will be able to make progress on GAND.

Olivia is now five years old, and it fills me with joy to see her grow and improve every day. She loves to sing, dance, and play Ring Around the Rosie with her younger brother, Owen. It is an interesting journey, but we have all the love and support to make it.

How did you come to Procore and why do you stay?
I’ve been living in the Santa Barbara area for the past 15 years, so I always knew of Procore. I watched the company grow and expand, along with the growth of Procore t-shirts around town! I was ready to take my career to the next level and expand my knowledge and leadership abilities, so I joined Procore in March 2017 as a Senior Retention & Growth Marketing Manager.

I found new inspiration at Procore and started listening to SaaS and marketing podcasts to open my mind to new ideas and possibilities! After a couple months, I saw an opportunity to make my impact at Procore by taking Customer Marketing to the next level. I feel like an intrapreneur at Procore in the way that I am building out the strategic approach we’re taking with Customer Marketing to ensure long term success for Procore. One of my favorite things about Procore is the flexibility and compassion the company has for family. I never need to worry about anything at work when my personal life needs attention. That is immeasurable to my family and me.

What is something that surprises people about you?
I am a harpist! My dad took me to see a performance of Phantom of the Opera when I was 10. During intermission, we visited the orchestra pit, and that’s where I first saw the harp. I thought it was beautiful. It took my parents some convincing that I was committed to playing the harp, but eventually, they enrolled me in classes and bought me my first concert harp. I eventually played in the Orange County Youth Symphony which led to a university scholarship to play for Chapman University! While I don’t get much regular play time, I still enjoy playing from time to time. And who knows, maybe Olivia or Owen will play the harp someday too.

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To learn more about GAND and how you can help, visit this page.