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Top 5 Enhancements in Q1 2022 Improving the Lives of Everyone in Construction

At Procore, we started off 2022 committed to our vision: improving the lives of everyone in construction by partnering with the industry. This partnership translates into everything we do, including how we build technology. When we look at what to build, we listen carefully to the user’s needs to ensure our technology solves real problems. In Q1 2022, we heard you.

Here are our top five enhancements of Q1 2022:

#1: Work Breakdown Structure

Last year, we announced Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and this quarter we delivered. This new functionality allows users to organize and report on data the way they want. Custom segments can be applied to data across Procore and then leveraged in reporting across Procore’s financial tools, significantly improving the overall granularity and flexibility.

"With WBS, we are able to extend our budget codes to three segments on all projects, and we are considering a fourth segment on a project-by-project basis. This has allowed us to achieve a higher level of detail with our cost analysis and uniform synchronization across all of our various applications and systems.

The custom descriptions feature has made it easier for our project management teams to comprehend the definition of the WBS, combined with the ability to group budgets by WBS segments, allows us to easily aggregate data across multiple projects to see inconsistencies." - Tamara Kaye, Procore Administrator at The Bozzuto Group

#2: Easily Leverage ERP For Up-to-Date Cost Information

The Sage Intacct® and Viewpoint® Vista™* connectors now allow users to connect with their data to provide better visibility into up-to-date cost information, drastically reducing double entry. Now users are able to send subcontractor invoices for approval through Procore.

#3 Added Flexibility to Change Events

New flexibility to the change events tool allows users to capture, upload, and organize information about change events to more efficiently identify where to take action. Company administrators are now able to create custom and configurable fieldsets while also configuring columns with powerful grouping and filtering features.

#4: Streamline the Entire Project Invoicing Process with DocuSign

Support for DocuSign has now been added to invoicing. Complete invoicing seamlessly through the DocuSign integration while leveraging the new Invoicing Experience. This update is designed to streamline the entire project invoicing process — from creating, to editing, previewing, and reviewing subcontractor invoices.

#5: Region Availability in the App Marketplace & Developer Portal

Procore’s App Marketplace now highlights what region each partner is available in. This new functionality ensures you can quickly identify which partners support the region they are in.

As we look to the rest of the year we remain committed to our partnership with this industry and our mission is to connect everyone in construction on a global platform. To see the full list of enhancements in Q1 2022 and stay up-to-date with future enhancements, subscribe to What’s New in Procore.

Be sure to tune into our Innovation Summit on April 19, 2022. Join Procore product leaders and industry experts as they unveil the latest updates and discover why connecting preconstruction to a complete construction platform is essential for preventing profit fade across your portfolio.

* This integration is the product of a partnership between Procore and Ryvit, a third-party developer. Viewpoint, Inc. is not affiliated with this connector. All Viewpoint® Vista™ marks and logos are owned by Viewpoint, Inc.