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Top Inclusion and Diversity Sessions at Groundbreak 2020

Inclusion and diversity have always been an important part of Groundbreak. From keynotes to breakout sessions, past speakers have convened to discuss the value of investing in company culture as a key driver for business growth and success.

During Groundbreak 2019, industry leaders linked inclusion and diversity to innovation and productivity while urging attendees to push for change—even when it doesn’t seem possible.

“We need to change what is normal behavior,” said Lisa Stevens, Chief Strategy Officer of BC Construction Association, during a session about workplace accountability and equity.

This year, Procore is excited to virtually connect thousands of construction professionals to discuss leadership during times of crisis, how inclusive companies succeed, actionable steps to build a culture that drives diversity, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the top inclusion and diversity sessions you can expect at this year’s virtual Groundbreak event.

Leading During Uncertainty: How Inclusive Companies Win

Lieutenant General (retired) Nadja West, the 44th Army Surgeon General and the former Commanding General of US Army Medical Command, kicks off the Inclusion and Diversity keynote on Groundbreak day two. A trailblazer in leadership, she is the first African American woman 3-star General in the Army’s history, and currently the highest-ranking woman to ever graduate from West Point.

This keynote will focus on the role of leadership and culture through times of uncertainty, leaving attendees with actionable steps to drive business success at their companies and beyond. Part of the session will also include a fireside chat with Steve Zahm, Procore’s President and Chief Culture Officer.

Inclusion & Diversity Breakout Sessions

There will be a number of breakout sessions on topics ranging from inclusive leadership and allyship to unconscious bias and workplace equity. During both days you can expect to hear from industry leaders and social equality experts dedicated to creating space for the industry to lead, listen, and grow together.

Day 1: Tuesday, October 27

1:30 PM Unconscious Bias and the Brain

This interactive session will explore how the brain forms biases. Attendees will learn how to identify common unconscious biases and discuss ways to mitigate bias in the workplace and beyond. Procore’s Valerie Jackson, Senior Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity, and Miguel Poblete, Program Manager of Global Inclusion & Diversity, will lead this workshop.

Day 2: Wednesday, October 28

9:30 AM How to be a Better Ally

Being an ally for equality and inclusion is an ongoing journey. Bryce Tache, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion of Ryan Companies, will outline the actions you can take to be a better ally at work.

10:40 AM Strategies for Empowering Women in Construction through Allyship and Self-Actualization

Female leaders from the construction and technology industries will gather to explore how to show up authentically in challenging work environments and what happens when you do. The session will be moderated by Procore’s Aleya Chattopadhyay, VP of Corporate Marketing, Dr. Giovanna Brasfield, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion of Flatiron Construction, and Rebecca Sharp, Operations Technology Manager of Balfour Beatty.

12:30 PM Deepening and Broadening Inclusion in Design and Construction

Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA) is an organization with a mission to ensure the equitable participation of their membership in the design and construction industry. During this presentation, Jorge Perez, HACIA’s Executive Director, will discuss how they meet member and client needs and how to develop a strategy to enter new marketplaces.

1:00 PM Leading Inclusively: 10 Things You Can Do to Promote Inclusion & Diversity at Your Company

When it comes to building inclusion and diversity in the workplace, the focus needs to extend beyond programs and initiatives to include the individual journey. Panelists will identify concrete ways for individuals to drive meaningful change in the workplace, regardless of department or function. Dr. Giovanna Brasfield, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion of Flatiron Construction, Michele Murphy, Director, Chicago of Shawmut Design and Construction, and Procore’s Valerie Jackson, Senior Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity will facilitate this conversation.

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