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Welcome BIManywhere to the Procore family!

Through my role in Product at Procore, I have had the opportunity to spend the past five years partnering with customers and leaders in the industry to research and develop solutions that solve key challenges in construction. Procore has long been passionate about the evolution of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the benefits of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), and we believe these best practices will continue to grow as a standard in the industry.

Over the past twelve months, Procore has put a tremendous focus on this space and we have already started partnering with our clients to bring new products to the market. During this process, we identified BIManywhere as an incredible product, but more importantly, we identified the BIManywhere team as an exceptional group of talented and passionate individuals that Procore desired to partner with. Our two companies have long shared a strong passion for the construction industry and for building solutions to help drive the construction industry forward.

We are extremely excited to welcome the BIManywhere team to the Procore family, and are confident their expertise and passion will be a perfect fit for Procore. The addition of this powerful technology will enable Procore to bring model viewing and collaboration technology to users and project teams around the world. We have already begun working together to integrate our teams and our products to ensure we can bring these new solutions to our customers.

Procore is committed to helping improve the lives of all people in construction, and this partnership will further enable Procore to bring value to our clients and drive innovation and progress in the construction industry.

This coming November at Groundbreak we are excited to showcase Procore’s progress and future direction for BIM at our Customer Innovation Lab. We also have two breakout sessions devoted to the topics of BIM and VDC. We’d like to invite you to join us in Austin, TX, at Groundbreak, and until then we’re excited to get to work, and look forward to bringing solutions focused on BIM technology to everyone in the construction industry.