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Procore ANZ Celebrates Its Two Year Anniversary

This month will mark two years since Procore’s first international office in Sydney opened its doors. So it’s the perfect time to stop and reflect on how far we’ve come in such a short time span.

In April 2017, a handful of employees from Procore’s HQ in Carpinteria, California, packed their bags and set their sights on opening Procore’s first international office Down Under. They buckled down in a WeWork space and focused on expanding our footprint in the local construction industry.

Just a year later, our official Sydney office was opened in true Procore ribbon-cutting style, cementing our position in the ANZ market. Far from our humble shared-office beginnings, the 34-person-strong team further developed Procore’s position as a leading construction management platform by achieving 150% client growth in just 10 months.

Today, our office is buzzing with a team of 62 who work across a broad range of functions including sales, marketing, customer success, customer support and business development.

Last month, Procore ANZ excitingly announced record-setting growth by more than doubling our customer count at the end of 2018. This concretes the impact of our team’s commitment to building Procore for the Australian and New Zealand construction industry.

This surge in regional growth also highlights that Procore ANZ’s customer base now spans across all segments, from small to medium construction companies through to large-scale commercial and industrial enterprises. Existing relationships have continued to develop and new relationships have been established with construction industry leaders such as Probuild, Prime Construction, Hutchinson Builders, Shape and Woolworths.

During a recent trip Down Under, CEO Tooey Courtemanche commented on the growth of the ANZ team and the progress we have made as a leading construction management platform in the local industry.

“I couldn’t be more optimistic about ANZ after my most recent visit,” he said. “The progress we have made year over year is remarkable and I feel like we are within striking distance on the gaps we have been chasing since day one.

“My interaction with every single customer and prospect was positive and completely supportive. They are begging us to save them from their current processes and sincerely appreciated the face time.”

According to VP of APAC Tom Karemacher, the ANZ market has been extremely receptive to Procore’s construction management platform.

“The construction sector in ANZ has very quickly identified the importance of collaboration, site to office connectivity and managing the construction lifecycle on one platform. Our customers are seeing the results through improved operating margin, improved workplace safety, reduced errors and rework costs,” Tom Karemacher said.

“The last 12 months since joining Procore, it’s been incredibly fast-paced. Our local team has grown substantially, we have partnered with innovative ANZ technology companies, including Acuite, APE Mobile, Drawboard, FileBound Australia and SignOnSite, to integrate their solutions to our platform.

“We launched our inaugural Australian Innovation Lab in September last year, ensuring that our R&D team is solving the industry’s needs through meeting and gathering direct feedback, and insights from our ANZ customers.”

It’s been an exciting 24 months in Sydney and we look forward to seeing what we bring in the near future.

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