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Procore Welcomes Esticom Customers to Our Global Construction Platform

In October 2020, Procore acquired Esticom, a best-in-class estimating solution, as a part of Procore’s mission to connect everyone in construction on a global platform. With this acquisition, Procore acquired a new family of construction partners to build and innovate with–Esticom customers.

And in return, Esticom customers gain the benefit of the over 2,000 employees at Procore, including construction professionals, technologists, and advisors, each of whom is committed to supporting customers’ goals and making their businesses more profitable. As Procore continues to invest in building the best possible solutions for the preconstruction and construction phases of your projects, Esticom customers—as a part of Procore—now play a pivotal role in building what comes next, together.

The synergy between estimating, preconstruction, and your construction phases is exciting. Procore’s vision and solutions for contractors combined with the seamless take-off and accuracy Esticom brings to estimates lay the foundation for project success. Just as estimators pour all of their energy into identifying suitable projects to pursue by providing detailed estimates to help mitigate risk prior to the course of construction––it’s only fair that project teams dutifully work off of that structure put in place.

With Procore, estimators can now improve collaboration between estimating and project teams by streamlining project hand-off, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

  • With the push of a button, data created in Esticom is automatically transferred into Procore’s budget tool––broken out by cost code and cost type. This enables the project team to efficiently manage the budget without duplicate entry and ensures the estimates created are used accordingly as the guideline to plan, budget, and schedule for the course of construction.

Change is the only constant in construction, and with Procore, change is easily flagged, bringing that visibility front and center to strategize.

  • Change impacts can easily be estimated and calculated in Esticom and effortlessly rolled into the project budget for updated, real-time forecasts.

When estimates and actuals are working together on one platform, you’re able to leverage insights from construction actuals to inform future estimates.

  • These types of actionable insights empower you to refine your estimates, boost your competitive edge and––you guessed it––win more profitable projects.
"Our company has a vision to only write information once. Esticom and the connection to Procore Financials helps us reach that vision. We used to waste time recreating budgets at the beginning of a project, but now with Esticom, we just hit transfer to Procore. It's improved communication between estimators and project teams." - Thomas Bencteux, Grimard

When it comes to the value Procore’s platform offers contractors, these examples are only the tip of the iceberg. Working side-by-side with industry professionals and leading trade associations, Procore highlights six profit-building solutions that help contractors create a competitive edge within their market. With profit control at the center of each solution, Procore empowers contractors to:

  1. Optimize labor productivity
  2. Get insight into change management
  3. Gain financial visibility across their business
  4. Actively reduce rework
  5. Simplify daily reporting
  6. And now streamline takeoff and estimating

As of today, leading general contractors and specialty contractors leverage Procore’s platform to improve their businesses. While many immediately began refining all these six areas at once, others are taking a crawl, walk, run mentality made possible by Procore’s flexible product offerings including: Project Management, Quality & Safety, and Project Financials to tighten up communication across all of their teams and departments. So, while Esticom customers are building a solid foundation for their company’s profitability with accurate estimates, there is so much more that a growing partnership with Procore has to offer.

To learn more about how you play a role in Procore’s vision for the industry, be sure to register for Procore’s Innovation Summit.